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What is a Disability?

Disability as defined by Insurance Law July, 1956 is an impairment of the mind or body which continuously renders it impossible for the disabled person to follow any substantial gainful occupation, and can be temporary or permanent.

What is State Disability Insurance (SDI)?

State Disability Insurance (SDI) is disability insurance benefits (money) that you can receive, when you become unable to work, from the state, that you reside in. (You-the employee, pays into state disability insurance, while you are working, it comes out of your payroll check.)

What States Participate in State Disability Insurance (SDI)?

State Disability Insurance (SDI) is a disability insurance benefit (money) paid to you, when you are unable to work, in the following states: (1) California, (2) Hawaii, (3) Rhode Island, (4) New York, and (5) New Jersey.

What Are the Requirements for State Disability Insurance (SDI)?

(a) Have been employed on a taxable income job. (b) Became ill and unable to work on your job. (c) Consulted your medical Physician about your disabling condition. (d) Your medical Physician declares you disabled and unable to perform work on your job.

My Primary Treating Physician (PCP) denied my claim for State Disability Insurance (SDI) – What Are My Options?

Our offices provide second opinion evaluations for disability claimants. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

How are Disability Benefits Granted?

Disability (SDI, SSDI, SSI) benefits are granted based on your residual functional capacity, to perform substantial gainful employment. Without the proper ‘medical’ evidence, the disability insurance (DI) branch will not consider your condition, a disability.

What is the Difference Seeing Your Doctors at Industrial Medical Centers of So Cal vs. Other Doctors?

Knowledge is power! Knowing how to appropriately complete the application for State Disability Insurance (SDI) is critical in getting your claim approved.

Experience! Our offices have been assisting patients for over 30 years with their disability claim evaluations, processing and filings. We have the expertise and experience to insure your claim for SDI is approved the very first time. Contact one of our offices to schedule your appointment today.

How Important is the Paperwork Your Doctor Files?

In this disability( SDI, SSDI, SSI) bureaucracy, IT’S JUST ABOUT PAPER WORK and KNOWING THE PROCESS, THAT’S ALL! YOU EITHER KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING OR YOU DON’T! So it is imperative that you consult with a doctor and staff that have the experience and knowledge to get your disability claim approved the FIRST time!

How Long Does it Take Before I Start Receiving My Money From Disability?

State Disability Waiting Period is usually a 14-day waiting period. You will receive your first weekly benefit, after you have been declared disabled, by your medical Physician.

What is the Actual Step By Step Process Involved with State Disability?

STATE DISABILITY PROCESS (1) Fill out Part A – Claimant’s Statement of the state disability application form (Our office has these forms available when you arrive.) (2) Complete the HIPAA Authorization portion of the State Disability form. (c) Questionnaire stating whether your disability was job related, or was it caused by a job injury (d) If it is job related, did you file a Worker’s Compensation claim? (e) A Certificate of Medical Disability is a form that should be filled out by a medical Physician stating the appropriate disabling condition. (f) Once the medical Physician fills out the Certificate of Medical Disability, you then mail it back to the Employment Development Department (EDD) Disability Insurance (DI) Branch Office, for qualifying the disability. (g) You will wait for a wage computation from the SDI office, which you will receive in the mail.

How Long Can I Receive State Disability Insurance (SDI) Benefits (money)?

THE LENGTH OF STATE DISABILITY INSURANCE depends on the statement of your medical Physician, his/her findings and diagnosis of your medical / mental disabling condition. The length of your state disability insurance, can vary from 1 week(7days) to 1 year (52 weeks).

I Received a Letter From the EDD to See a State Appointed Physician – What does this mean?

REFERRAL TO A STATE DISABILITY PHYSICIAN is often required by the Employment Development Department (EDD) Disability Insurance (DI) Branch. These appointments are randomly scheduled for claimants – either early in the disability, later or not at all. The state panel of Physicians will schedule you, to see one of their state Physicians, to see if you, are able to return, to your work. It is very important, that you should schedule, the Physician appointment, and please be in compliance with the state. If you fail to see the state Physician, your SDI benefits will be discontinued. Your benefits can also be discontinued, while you are waiting, to see the State Physician.

How Do I Receive My Benefits (money) from State Disability?

Beginning in November 2010 — benefits are now paid to the individual – with a BANK OF AMERICA, Debit card, with a Visa logo, from the EDD office.(Paper checks are no longer used.) (2) Activating your EDD card — there is a toll-free number, to activate your card, using the last four digits, of your Social Security or whatever number, you prefer to use.

My Claim for Disability Was Denied – What Can I Do?

THE APPEAL PROCESS FOR STATE DISABILITY INSURANCE (1) When you have been denied state disability insurance (SDI) benefits. (2) You should request to file an appeal with the SDI caseworker. (3) Ask them to do a “Special Wage Computation.”

What Constitutes a “Special Wage Computation”?

For example – You were receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) for over a period of six months to three years or more. (Those same UIB wages) can be used to receive a “special wage computation”. (2) When applying for a “special wage computation”: (a) Write a request letter stating to please do a special wage computation, from the time you originally stopped work. (b) There is a form that SDI will send you in the mail.

When you have been denied for SDI -–because no money was in the quarters for the period, for the SDI to pay, since you have not worked, you had received (UIB) unemployment insurance benefits, for a period of six months to three years or more, at this time. “Please ask the SDI representative, to send a special wage computation form, to determine your wages, so that you may become qualified for SDI.

What Medical Conditions Qualify for State Disability Insurance (SDI)?

Medical conditions –that will qualify you for state disability insurance are: Hypertension-high blood pressure, Migraine Headaches, Heart conditions — congestive heart failure, arteriosclerotic heart disease, enlarged heart, defective valve, Back problems — lumbar disc disease, low back disease, Sciatica, Neck pain, numbness, tingling and weakness with the upper and lower extremities. Sprain/strain injuries. Over-use injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Mental conditions — that will qualify you for state disability insurance are: Anxiety, Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depressive Neurosis, Bi-Polar, Manic Depression, Paranoid Schizophrenia, and Schizo-Affective.

This is only a partial list of disabling conditions – other conditions may apply. Please contact our office to schedule your disability evaluation.

Did You Ever Apply for SDI and Were Denied?

If you did, there are other ways to apply for state disability insurance, after being disqualified, and can still receive benefits. Please contact our office for assistance.

What Are the Requirements for State Disability Insurance (SDI)?

(a) Have been employed on a taxable income job. (b) Became ill and unable to work on your job. (c) Consulted your medical Physician about your disabling condition. (d) Your medical Physician declares you disabled and unable to perform work on your job.

How Are Your Benefits Calculated for State Disability Insurance?

Your benefits from State Disability Insurance are paid on a bi-weekly basis at a rate of 55% of your regular wages, for at least 52 weeks. These benefits are also tax-free.

How Much Will I Be Paid When Receiving State Disability (SDI)?

When you are declared disabled by your medical Physician, your highest quarter determines your weekly benefit and qualifies you for SDI.

I Can’t Afford to Be On Disability – Are There Any Supplemental Plans Available to Make Up The Difference In Lost Income?

Yes, supplemental disability insurance is available from companies like Aflac, Mass Mutual, Met Life, etc. You must have a policy in place before going out on disability and receiving these additional benefits. These plans can vary in the amount and duration of supplemental insurance that is paid out.

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