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At first I was scared to go out on disability, but after the doctor talked with me and examined me, he made me realize I was doing myself and my body more harm than good. I was off of work for a total of 8 weeks, received the proper treatment and rest, and now I’m back better than ever.


My job, financial stress and family issues were getting worse. I had never been under this much pressure in my life. The doctor took me off of work for 6 months, while I received the medical treatment he recommended. I’m happier and better able to provide for me and my family now! Thank You J


My paperwork was completed perfect the first time. There was no delay in receiving my benefits. I’ll be sending all of my friends, family and co-workers to your office.


I was having headaches everyday and unable to concentrate at work. The doctor took me off of work, prescribed some medication and now I’m feeling much better.


The office and staff are nice and friendly. I was even able to see their dentist while the doctor finished my disability paperwork.


The EDD denied my application for disability with my previous doctor, but Dr. W was able to get my application approved. I’m now receiving my benefits without any problem.


These guys know what they’re doing, when it comes to disability! God Bless!


I was hurt at work, fired and denied work comp because it was a construction job. Dr. W put me on disability. I started to get my money and now a better job.


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